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The deadline to file Request for Reconsideration and assessment appeals is April 2, 2024.

Management of Your Property Tax Burden

We understand that the goal is to reduce your property taxes. To that end, Kingmont completes applications for the managed forest tax class and the conservation tax class, when required. In some cases, we manage farming or clearing of sites.

To assist in the resolution of property tax matters, Kingmont works with municipalities to address all manner of payment, refunds and client requirements. As your municipal liaison, we take on the stress and time required to manage your municipal tax burden. At Kingmont we provide a full range of services.

Kingmont continues to monitor changes in the assessment and property tax landscape to ensure our client interests are protected and tax liabilities are controlled.

Kingmont Consulting

Small firm service, large firm expertise. Kingmont has been a leader in the property tax industry for more than 35 years.

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