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The deadline to file Request for Reconsideration and assessment appeals is April 2, 2024.

Property Income and Expense Returns

Commercial properties are assessed according to their potential to generate income. It is a mandatory requirement for owners of income producing properties to file their property’s income and expense information with MPAC annually. A PIER submission contains the rental, income and expense information for your property.

MPAC is legally required to protect any information submitted by a property owner. MPAC may not disclose any information except as necessary to deliver their services, as per the Assessment Act.

Many property owners are reluctant to provide this information. The PIER submissions are categorized and averaged to determine a “fair market rent”. This process can vary and be altered based on sample size and MPAC’s analysis. Kingmont uses your property specific data to highlight the individual circumstances of your property as part of our review and analysis in preparation for an appeal.



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